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These statistics emphasise his status as one of the modern game's great strikers. Scotland's Energy Minister Fergus Ewing said: This report highlights the long overdue and urgent action on taxation and regulation, which the UK government must deliver to give the industry the certainty it needs to protect jobs and investment. Andy Lonergan [Leeds - Middlesbrough] Free Alisha Lehmann (West Ham United Women FC). Here's some things you might not know about Cardi B. Conceded by Nathan Wood. In February, Honda said it would close its Swindon plant by 2021, with the loss of about 3,500 roles, while Jaguar Land Rover and Nissan are also cutting production and jobs. That carries dangers. Jim McIntyre's side have now conceded four goals in each of their last four games at Ibrox and fall behind Hamilton Academical after their surprise win in Aberdeen. She had previously served as ambassador to France, where she was born the daughter of Georgian emigres and worked in the French diplomatic service, before obtaining Georgian citizenship. Liverpool had dominated the vast majority of the first half at Anfield but it was Palace who broke the deadlock through Andros Townsend, who beat Alisson from close range after Wilfried Zaha pulled a cross back. In a recent report, McKinsey Global Institute predicts that new technology will generate between 20-46 million new positions by 2030, while new occupations represent 8-9% of the global workforce. {\image\:{\pid\:\p0632jjh\}} • How the menstrual cycle changes women’s brains It really is possible. I think [Softbank's] Pepper robot is very ugly. The experience was powerful: Esperanto was a puzzle she had solved on her own, and now she was able to share it with the world. In Quebec, large scale flooding in recent years has hammered the message home. Neymar (Paris Saint Germain) left footed shot from outside the box is blocked. untouched part – called ‘ma’ – is significant, whether it’s a canvas largely {\image\:{\pid\:\p04tmflc\}} If this wasn’t bad enough, the only pain relief available for having your head excavated with a sharp instrument was intoxication. A post-catastrophe world would also have some major disadvantages. Yesterday afternoon Suarez did the most important thing in training, which is play football. They said to her: What your father is doing is disgusting. So you wonder now whether he will twitch again as France come into view next week and the Wallabies, probably, lie in wait another week further on. After an impressive season with Tottenham, Son Heung-min would expect to make a mark in Russia but he was largely anonymous other than one impressive run in the first half. And for the collector keen to turn sleuth, a new breed of automated analysis tool is enabling them to check issues with their stamp pre-purchase, often at no cost. It's important that we keep a level head, work hard, do the job, and try to keep picking results up while we've got, clearly, injury issues. This offer is made in the context of maintaining a strong reward package and the need for our manufacturing operations to remain competitive. A look back at all the BBC Sports Personality of the Year winners: The US and South Korea hold two sets of war games every year, involving a massive number of troops and military hardware. But Haller’s pension was small and she wasn’t ready to retire. Officials would refuse to meet them or tell them where their children were. According to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, US troops are only in the region to deter aggression and protect American interests. Only companies with a recognised AP will be allowed to import plastic waste into Malaysia. Scott McTominay (Scotland) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul. Russians take their ice-cream making very seriously, and delicious, creamy Her husband Richard has written to Iran's foreign minister, saying the whole incident had been a cruel game. Sometimes, I feel honoured and flattered, but sometimes I'm also embarrassed, she says, laughing. Put that down to the fragmented nature of modern music copyright. This was not his night but he leaves France with his reputation enhanced.

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7Up Recall 2019 Kazakhstan's Elizabet Tursynbaeva lands the first ever quadruple salchow in senior women's competition on her way to winning silver at the World Championships in Japan. There was for large periods against Sevilla very little for the home fans to cheer, with Real Madrid dominating possession but lacking invention in the final third. The same engines used in the in-flight escape systems will carry their respective capsules to safety. Hand ball by Francesco Zampano (Frosinone). Not only is science now much more collaborative, but as with philosophy, the low hanging fruit have already been plucked. It’s a relatively modest income country,” says Juan Botero, executive director of the World Justice Project. The trio were interviewed on Wednesday by French Rugby anti-doping chiefs, who will decide whether the players and Racing have broken any rules. Spells with the likes of Derby County, Sheffield Wednesday and Oxford United followed but, under the leadership of fellow Scot Jack Ross, the forward believes he has found the right club to propel him back into the spotlight. On 20 September 1984, The Cosby Show introduced us to the Huxtables; the doctor/attorney duo of Heathcliff and Clair and their five impossibly well-behaved kids – Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa and Rudy. Chuba Akpom [Arsenal - PAOK Salonika] Undisclosed The boat tours, either quick day trips or longer Dr Biancalana says it takes us a step closer to understanding how the universe works. He was held on suspicion of burglary and released on bail until October. They beat us up. Adrian Mariappa replaces Ken Sema. Macbeth. My major activity for the weekend would be a 10k ‘mud run’, which involves tackling military-style obstacles set in muddy terrain. I had suffered heartbreak so many times before that I was beginning to doubt myself. In August 2016, after a three-year investigation, the European Commission finds that Ireland gave an illegal tax benefit to Apple. All five nations have been trying to assert jurisdiction over parts of the Arctic, which is believed to hold up to a quarter of the world's undiscovered oil and gas. A diverse coalition of Indian businessmen, princely aristocrats and publicists, working in tandem with British governors, civil servants, journalists, soldiers, and professional coaches made possible the idea of India on the cricket pitch. “It can also take samples over a wide area very quickly so we can get an idea of spread too. Morocco Mama: Blog and photo essays about ex-pat life in Marrakesh Heroes. He is currently performing tests on people undergoing a full heart transplant to see how it could influence interoception. spoken to may have been right; today’s vast, almost empty waterway makes it hard M3 Hampshire both ways severe disruption, at J11 for A3090 Hockley Link. Sadly, the pair have hinted they will retire after the Olympics. Having got hold of her, he guided her head into the sandy seafloor long enough to insert one of his two claspers into her cloaca, resulting in a sixty-eight second copulation. Turkey leapfrog France to top Group H having taken a maximum nine points from three Euro 2020 qualifiers, while France have two wins and a defeat. I don't want to cry but I am so sorry to the people that stayed up to watch. The atmosphere of society doesn't really lend itself to a future for young people, says Gary Wong, a lecturer in sociology at the University of Hong Kong. The competition in Canada is the first of five World Cup events, which runs from November to February 2019. As people struggle to grasp black holes and string theory, even modern-day geniuses such as Stephen Hawking may be lost – though his life makes for a good story. “A piece of paper is about 100,000 nanometres thick,” says Barto. The man's Antrim home was searched. Scotland have, though, already secured a Nations League play-off semi-final should they fail to finish in the top two of Group I. And though there was little chance they’d win, roughly 8% of the Icelandic population travelled to Paris to cheer on the team (they ultimately lost 5-2). But by the end of the first half, the lead had changed six times and it was Jamaica with the one-point advantage - thanks to a magnificent performance from 6ft 5in shooter Romelda Aiken. Wolverhampton Wanderers 1, Liverpool 1.

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Pixel Ruler Chrome Marseille 4, Toulouse 0. Sgt Donnie Mackinnon has appealed for witnesses to the incident to come forward. “Many people told me that Sydney was all about the beach and surfing” she said, “but it’s not. Several police forces, including South Wales Police, have doubled the amount of officers who are Taser trained in recent years but say they will not train all staff. {\image\:{\pid\:\p064h0sr\}} Gavin Gunning [Port Vale - Forest Green] Free The price the drug company Novartis is charging the NHS is confidential, but the company insists the cost reflects the clinical value erenumab brings to patients. Over the next three weeks, some 260 participants will talk about climate change, migration and evangelism. The first snow is on the tops around Crummock Water in the Lake District, but it does not stop wild swimmer Sara Barnes. data-anchor-title=The Lithuanian word bičiulis, meaning ‘friend’, has its root in bite, the word for ‘bee’ Bob Champion, a jockey who had come through testicular cancer and a brutal course of chemotherapy; Aldaniti, a steeplechaser who had broken down so often that vets were convinced he would have to be put down. Given only 40% of UK workers use their full holiday entitlement anyway, removing rules can cause more difficulty. ‘And Noosa Moscow says they are necessary for security reasons, pointing to a potential threat to the bridge from Ukrainian radicals. A Liberal party spokesperson said an assessment is being made of the damage, but added there was no schedule change and the campaign would continue as planned. What could possibly go wrong? Assisted by Bacary Sagna. There was Jacky the gorilla, who would drink only Perrier water and would make hammocks out of the curtains of any hotels where the troupe stayed. In the US, the timeframe is less certain and relies on approval from two separate departments: the Food and Drug Administration, which regulates the collection and culturing of animal cells, and the US Department of Agriculture, which decides how cultured meat can be marketed. Allergen immunotherapy - administering small amounts of the substance - has been shown to reduce the sensitivity of allergic patients and can protect against accidental exposure. Today, Hammerfest is prospering once more due to the arrival of liquefied gas companies in a boom expected to last decades. Belfast's Harland and Wolff, best known for building the Titanic, has been bought for £6m by the London-based energy firm, Infrastrata. Now you have multimillionaire Olympic athletes like Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt and US swimmer Michael Phelps — the latter with a net worth in excess of $55 million, according to tracking website Celebrity Net Worth. YouTube said it had developed a system that was better at detecting predatory comments and removing them. Barnet, who are 12th in the National League, went ahead as Elliot Johnson's cross was headed in by Craig Robson. The Michelin brothers’ first breakthrough was a patent for the removable pneumatic tyre, which was tested out in the Paris-Brest-Paris bicycle race of 1891. Comets have that type of attraction for people,” he says. We have to take this all in and improve on it as a hockey club. A house was set on fire after being struck by lightning as storms hit parts of Wales overnight. James McClean (Stoke City) left footed shot from outside the box is blocked. They included pledges to be socially beneficial' and accountable to people. Might. His impressive performances earned him the call from Ferrari, and he became their least experienced driver since the legendary Gilles Villeneuve was signed in late 1977. Extreme E will see 12 teams and drivers go head-to-head in fully-electric 4x4 SUV cars. People in the South Sudanese town of Yei have been giving harrowing testimony of what they allege happened to them and their relatives at the hands of government soldiers. This lack of overlap is a specific challenge when it comes to political issues. Karol Linetty (Sampdoria) right footed shot from outside the box misses to the left. Systems like this are already available on a number of new cars, although they will only work if you take the trouble to switch them on.

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Jetty Extracts Instagram Luxembourg PM on news conference: 'I did not want to humiliate' Johnson Wolves are on course to become the first club to win the FA Cup in three different centuries. directly referred to Prague in his work, but his tales of totalitarian Remote sensors attached to light aircraft or earth imaging satellites can pinpoint the spectral signatures and find whole new deposits of rare earth elements all over the planet. Analyst Dmitry Gorenburg of Harvard University dates the start of the Russian modernisation programme to 2009. Senegal - Football - BBC Sport I remember once going to the local supermarket in Sheffield, and a lady saying to me she had to tell her son that her favourite player had been a naughty boy. In the short term, Labour's strategy of denouncing the Lib Dems undemocratic over Brexit and the Conservative as intolerant towards dissenters has been shattered. The government has committed to changing the laws on those two matters - as well as introducing a pension for victims of the Troubles - and there's no suggestion at the moment that that legislation would be delayed. The committee's vote is largely symbolic, but has been watched as a measure of how much support there is for the impeachment process ahead of the crucial vote in the full lower house of Congress, correspondents say. Pisi, G. Miralem Pjanic (Juventus) right footed shot from the centre of the box misses to the right. Because tigers are a top predator, they help regulate and conserve local biodiversity by, for example, helping keep the herbivore numbers down, which allows tree saplings to mature. Jonathan Davies, former Wales dual-code stand-off and captain: As expected it was a tough game and a brutal first 60 minutes. Even broken ones retain their oral history that give them more value than a new piece. A metal box that has been dragged around the ocean since 1931 has accidentally created a record of the entire history of ocean plastic. Conceded by Daniel Bachmann. Beyoncé and Jay-Z help boost Louvre visitors in 2018 As they combed through the digital wreckage, Wyatt and his colleagues realised that the malware had deposited data, in files named with a specific number, on victim computers. {\image\:{\pid\:\p07fmy26\}} The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) confirmed that 19 inmates were involved in the disturbance on Tuesday and said no injuries were suffered. Marc Andreessen | NYT Dealbook | 21 January 2014 Not since 1996 in Atlanta has Team GB failed to win more medals than the previous Games. The decisions drew condemnation from Japan, which argues the dispute was settled in 1965 when diplomatic ties were normalised between the neighbouring countries. They also face criticism, in particular over greenhouse gas emissions from the meat and dairy industry, with calls for a move to a more plant-based diet. He would be 95. He also hopes the networks become more open and interoperable so that a post made on one service can show up on others. That's because the proposed law would need to clear the House of Lords, as well as the House of Commons. Bialkowski failed to clear and was left stranded as the loose ball was pounced on by Wells to turn in the simplest of finishes. As for McKinley, he hopes a safe, effective form of tDCS will join the list of military innovations that have had a huge impact on civilian life – think of the Global Positioning System of satellites. More recently - and more importantly - was the decision by Norway's sovereign wealth fund to divest itself of some of its fossil fuel investments (paradoxically perhaps - the source of all the money in the first place). BBC - Travel - Travel Journeys Foul by Filippo Berardi (San Marino). The US Navy conducted a study in the 1940s demonstrating that the Dvorak was vastly superior: training typists to use the Dvorak layout would pay for itself many times over. The report praises security forces for showing restraint during a traditional celebration on 2 October last year when dozens died following a stampede. According to both Robert and her, they had been sexually involved together for 16 years, since she was 14 years old. Investigating ideologues who claim to be non-violent, with links to political parties, may be harder. Plaid Cymru AM Adam Price has called on the Welsh Government to express its solidarity with Catalonia as the Spanish state takes steps to stop the regional government's planned public vote on independence. I can assure you that it's something we're talking to people very regularly about so we will have the right people to run the football club. Then came his first arrest on 22 December, during the sixth wave of protests.

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Middle Ages Characteristics Just a wonderful atmosphere. They become the first women to win rowing gold for Great Britain and the country's first gold medallists at the 2012 games. 2020, bringing the force to around 96% of its peak officer strength from around Hudut is one of our main dishes, prepared using organic ingredients like ripe and green plantains that are boiled and then beaten and then mixed together. Weston McKennie (FC Schalke 04) wins a free kick in the defensive half. Mr Weir, who was 22 when he was attacked, is cared for by his family, including his sisters Debbie Palmer and Michele Nixon. Malware rapidly spread across the borough’s computer networks, disrupting a bewildering array of services. But actually, the participation was 100%. Yeovil Town's relegation to the National League was confirmed on 27 April after a 2-2 draw at Northampton. Delay in match because of an injury Daniel Powell (Crewe Alexandra). The momentum shifted in that moment. While a human can lie in bed for a week before muscles begin to atrophy and blood clots form, hibernators will endure months without moving. It is said that he would consume 50 cups of his favourite drink in a single day. Based on a novel by Chinese-American author Geling Yan, it is set in the Chinese city of Nanjing at the time of the Japanese invasion. Serie A: AC Milan beat Genoa to move up to fourth - BBC Sport {\image\:{\pid\:\p04fhy53\}} Home striker Marcus Carver rattled a powerful shot against the post before Courtney Meppen-Walter restored their lead when his effort went in off the same upright. Conceded by Anton Ferdinand. But the developers defended their decision to continue offering their service to teenagers. Penalty conceded by Juan Foyth (Tottenham Hotspur) after a foul in the penalty area. Apart from their roadside protest, the parishioners also organised a conference about sexual abuse in the Catholic Church to coincide with the day of Pope Francis's arrival in Chile. In fact, because shraadhas are typically much smaller and more intimate family affairs than other religious rituals, they have preserved culinary traditions much more effectively than larger family celebrations. View image of Snowdonia (Credit: Credit: David Lintern/Alamy) The Adcocks' preparations were severely disrupted after Gabby sustained an ankle injury in January, which restricted her to just one week of full training before the Games. romance of European citadels, these turreted stone chateaus and giant Farmer Chris Franklin greets all the animals at Caen Hill Countryside Centre in Wiltshire by name. Jacob Greaves (Cheltenham Town) left footed shot from the centre of the box is high and wide to the right. But another pointed out it was common practice for employers to view job applicants' social media profiles to determine suitability for roles. Scott Neil, Edinburgh Capitals' general manager, admits it was a very frustrating end to 2015/16 but says they have made improvements to make them more competitive and hopefully more consistent this season. Assisted by Camillo Ciano. Joel Garreau, author, journalist, Professor of Law, Culture and Values, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Arizona State University For example, there's not very much about age limits and ratings - it seems to me lots of companies self-rate their apps and their content and that makes it very difficult for a parent to know how much they can trust those platforms, he said. But some customers were unhappy with the new straws, saying they dissolved before a drink could be finished, with milkshakes particularly hard to drink. For years the EU has been struggling to harmonise asylum policy. The 50-year-old victim, identified as Singaporean Lon Lee Alle, had reportedly ignored warnings not to get too close to take pictures. Mr Johnson said there's no press here but Mr Salem gestured to cameras filming the confrontation, and said: What do you mean there's no press here? Who are these people? Oli McBurnie [Swansea - Sheffield United] £17. Following the backlash, Mr Basu said police respect the rights of the media and has no intention of seeking to prevent editors from publishing stories in the public interest in a liberal democracy. It's different at 0-0. Woking - Scores & Fixtures - Football - BBC Sport

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Aircraft Pushback Procedures Forget your troubles, come on get happy! sang Judy Garland in Summer Stock back in 1950, but she could just as easily be singing it today. The first goal is important in these games, but I thought the performance of each and every player went up a couple of notches in the second half. It also said it was concerned that US-based domestic violent extremists could become inspired by these and previous high-profile attacks to engage in similar acts of violence. BBC - Travel - Milan’s designer label food cycle rickshaws and untamed swamps filled with man-eating tigers. Mr Hunt says that these inspections should be allowed to take place using mobile units away from the border and that a trusted trader scheme could allow some businesses to by-pass checks. Outside of Ms Wilson-Raybould's appearance before committee, both she and Ms Philpott have remained silent about the details of their concerns, saying they cannot breach cabinet confidences, which are privileged communications. One thing I wish I had done that day was to be proud of myself regardless of my grades. He puts JD Sports in the former category, along with brands such as John Lewis, Joules, Hotel Chocolat and Superdry. They had looked set for defeat following Jony's close-range finish but Wissam Ben Yedder's strike saved a point for the visitors. Almost 12,000 hedgehogs, dead and alive, have been recorded in the county over the past two years, with about 2,500 of these around Ipswich. Aeolus carries a laser instrument (lidar), called Aladin, that will probe down through the atmosphere to see the altitude of wind streams and gather some information on their speed and direction. Although the total amount of carbon in other sources is much, much larger than in life, life has a disproportionate affect on Earth's carbon cycle. It's been 50 years of protest and equality. While the supermarket works closely with other retailers, manufacturers, packaging suppliers, scientists and recycling experts to find solutions, it is asking its customers to pitch in their ideas too. Ms Roberts also disclosed that someone had managed to hack into the site's administrative functions. Four-time winners Italy missed out on a World Cup for the first time since 1958, losing to Sweden in their play-off. It urges the prime minister to end swingeing cuts, saying more than 1. million over-65s in England have been left without the support they need. House hotel, a He reinvented himself as Fantastic Negrito in 2014, and his fusion of blues, soul and psychedelic rock has been rewarded with two Grammys in the process. James Wilsdon, who is professor of research policy at Sheffield University, worries that the progress UK science has made might be squandered. It can be disheartening to recognise the amount of time we spend in transit. Millennials don’t mind spending more time at the office, unlike older generations who seek to get things done so they can move on to personal time, says Jon Andrews, who recently wrote a report on millennials in the workplace for accountancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers. He said: Now these children can be remembered once more. Assisted by Henrikh Mkhitaryan with a cross following a corner. Aron Gunnarsson (Cardiff City) right footed shot from outside the box misses to the left. Ace has dialysis three times each week - and each session lasts at least four hours. Assisted by Luka Milivojevic following a corner. Filter Israel / Palestine Her tweeted response to Australian political blogger Andrew Bolt, who described her as deeply disturbed, was an exception. Just six places out in the end. Talks have continued between the UK and EU, at a technical level. The visitors looked ungainly on the artificial surface, their close control and distribution shoddy in the face of snapping defenders. It is the gravest threat to Queen's Park since the building of the present Hampden forced them into administration - and arguably the biggest decision facing Scottish football in the next 12 months, overshadowing the choice of national manager. At the time, an armed conflict was raging on the ground in eastern Ukraine between Russian-backed separatists and Ukrainian government forces, and several government military aircraft had been downed in the previous weeks, while government air strikes were being carried out on rebel-held areas. Fórsa, the parent union of IALPA, represents 180 Dublin-based pilots who are directly employed by Ryanair. Dusko Tosic (Serbia) wins a free kick in the defensive half. As well as two new unitary councils, a children's trust will also be established to deliver services on behalf of the new authorities. A725 North Lanarkshire - A725 Bellehill Bypass in Bellshill Industrial Estate closed southbound from the A725 Bellshill Road junction to J5, Raith Interchange, because of roadworks during the night. Stanford says lots of American viewers chose not to binge on Fleabag, instead rationing the episodes to one or two per week. They then moved to Canada as refugees when the player was five years old.

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Irish Guitar Music Pdf The only downside for Low's side was a knee injury to Hummels but Portugal had plenty to ponder, not least the irate Ronaldo, who was furious not to earn a penalty for Benedikt Hoewedes's challenge on Eder. City Hall said the initiative would be the city's biggest ever mass tree-planting weekend. Ms Black told Swedish newspaper Expressen: I don't even want to think about or say it. The original Rift was priced at $599 when it debuted. Olympic snowboard half-pipe champion Shaun White crashed on a training run in New Zealand in October 2017. At the same time, broadcasters are reluctant to sign up until there is comprehensive 5G coverage. Such a large amount of experience transfers to the development of typing skill and explains why young people, who spend more time with social media, communicating with each other, are picking up higher speeds, added Dr Feit. Callum McFadzean's cross from the left deflected kindly into Jay O'Shea's path, and the midfielder calmly slotted home from 10 yards. Geraldine Ferraro was the first woman to ever be on a major party's presidential ticket, chosen as running mate for Democratic candidate Walter Mondale in the 1984 election. It was a powerful and effective speech. Then there's the snobbery. This is a big selling point with millennials, says CEO Toni Petersson. I was fortunate to have that huge sports background playing hockey, doing downhill skiing. One way to display all this information is in the thickness map seen at the top of this page. British forces, fighting against tanks and mortar fire, were eventually able to drive back the Iraqis. “What it’s been made into has nothing to do with the real Illuminati. 1939 - World War II: Canadian forces are active in Italy, Europe, the Atlantic and elsewhere. ICYMI: Giant alligator goes golfing The most obvious are the wheel fairings. He has scored 11 goals in La Liga this season - a tally only bettered by Barcelona forward Lionel Messi. Another TikTok fan, Kelly, told the BBC she had spent £500-£600 of her own money on digital gifts. He had suggested in The Sun that such a deal might be jeopardised in that Mrs May's Brexit proposals were tantamount to requiring the US to deal with the EU. The idea is to get the spending plans out of the way, so that the focus can be on Brexit. I am very unhappy with the choices you've made, she said. His first strike is clinical but how he got the second header is beyond me. Medical professionals have been struggling with poor IT provision and patient care has been affected, he said. Coming up with a speedy lunch is a top priority. The Dutch looked to get back into the game but Memphis Depay's powerful header was well saved by Wolves number one Rui Patricio and ex-Middlesbrough midfielder Marten de Roon lashed over. When asked how he felt having a new heart inside he says: It's actually kind of fun. The number of offences recorded and people reported demonstrates the need for this new legislation and that our officers are utilising it to good effect. HK Broadband launched a co-ownership programme in 2012 as part of an exit plan for a private capital firm that had previously bought out the telecommunications company. Suat Serdar (FC Schalke 04) right footed shot from outside the box is blocked. On Friday evening, there were several signs of suppressed panic as darkness approached. Four of the men, including the captain, were given five-year jail sentences while a fifth is facing a prison term of three and a half years. Chris Wood (Burnley) right footed shot from the centre of the box misses to the left. Andy Murray wins the Davis Cup for Great Britain - BBC Sport Andrija Zivkovic (Serbia) wins a free kick in the defensive half. Fresh from thrashing Leicester 44-17 in the semi-finals and their Champions Cup success against Racing Metro, Saracens' fierce defence never gave Exeter a sniff in the opening period - the Chiefs did not get possession in their opponents' 22 until stoppage time. Welwyn Garden City News They were originally told they could avoid jail if they showed true remorse, but a sheriff at Banff Sheriff Court has now remanded them in custody ahead of sentencing in a fortnight. Coal used to come from the deep mines of the south Wales valleys until the final underground operation at Tower - re-opened by the miners themselves 13 years earlier - closed down in 2008.